How to connect Neto (Maropost) with EIZ Shipper

How to get API information from Neto #


1  Opening your Neto account

  1. Log in to your Neto account. The dashboard opens.
  2. Scroll down the dashboard and then click Settings & Tools. A new panel opens.
  3. Click Staff users. The Staff Users panel opens.

2  Creating a new Neto user

The next step is to create a new user on your Neto account and an API key. After completing Step 2, keep this browser tab open; you will need to copy some of this information in Step 4.

  1. On the Staff Users panel, click the Add new staff user button. The Add New User panel opens.

On the Add New User panel:

  1. Enter a Username (e.g. EIZ).
  2. Enter the user’s first name.
  3. Enter the user’s last name.
  4. Enter the user’s email address.
  5. For Password, click Set random password.
  6. For API Key, click Regenerate.
  7. For User Permission Group, click the arrow and then select API User on the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save & Close.

2.1 Copy data

Before moving on to Step 3, you need to collect and save three pieces of Neto data.

  1. Open Notepad (or another document app).
  2. Copy and paste this information into a saved Notepad file.
  • Username (copy from the Add New User panel)
  • API Key (copy from the Add New User panel)
  • Neto store URL

To locate your Neto store URL:

  1. Open the Neto dashboard.
  2. Locate the Username in the top right corner of the main menu.
  3. Click the Username. A drop-down menu opens.
  4. Click View Webstore. Your store opens in a new tab.
  5. Copy the store URL in the browser.

How to Integrate Neto with Eiz OMS Basic #


Log in your Eiz OMS Basic Account > Click the Marketplace/Store Icon on the dashboard, Click Add more stores button,then Click Note button.


Copy the URL for your Neto store and paste it into the EIZ New store panel. Repeat the copy and paste actions for API Username and API Key.


You have now completed the Note integration, switch on order sync, and start to process your Note orders in Eiz OMS Basic!

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