How to setup MyPost Business on EIZ Fulfillment

If you currently do not have a MyPost Business account, create one by visiting the Australia Post website here: If you do have a current MyPost Business account, follow the instructions below to integrate EIZ with MyPost Business. 

From the left panel menu, select the Settings tab near the bottom:


Next, under the SETTINGS in-panel menu, select Carriers:


To add a carrier, click Add Carrier


From the EIZ Select Carrier menu, select MyPost Business:


Finally, to link your current MyPost Business account, enter your credentials: Merchant Token, and click Next. It is as easy as that! If you get stuck, check out the link “Where do I find my API details?“, or follow the steps immediately below.


To find your Merchant Token, login to your current MyPost Business account at: You will require your MyPost Business Email Address and MyPost Business Password. Once logged in, click the drop-down in the top-right corner of your account name and select Business Details.


Next, select Platform Partners from the left-menu of the Account management page.


Under the Partners in-panel column, scroll down until you find EIZ and click the Connect button. If prompted, review and accept terms and conditions and enter your credit card details. You should now see the button Copy Token. Click it to copy your token and paste this in the Merchant Token field in EIZ to link your MyPost Business account. If you have any trouble with these steps, you can contact us at EIZ to assist you through the process.

To create a Consignment with MyPost Business, you can either select Australia Post flat rate packaging under Shipment Info:


Or use your own packaging:


Please note that a shipping label through MyPost Business is not available until you have firstsubmitted a manifest:


Please note: You are not required to manifest your MyPost Business shipments if you are paying by credit card. Charges will be applied by Australia Post when printing labels. Each label printed will correspond to a transaction on your credit/debit card, with bulk prints consolidated into a single transaction. Currently, EIZ does not support charge accounts, however, they will be supported very soon. Make sure to check back regularly to see when this is updated.

To cancel a shipment and request a refund, you must do so from your account in MyPost Business portal. Login to your MyPost Business dashboard here: Next, click the Tracktab at the top of the screen, find the shipment you would like to cancel, and then click View. Click the Refund button in the top right. Please note that some shipments are ineligible for refund. Please refer to the MyPost Business FAQs in your dashboard, or find out more at:

If you require a printed label when a consignment is created, update your Preferences in EIZ as follows:


If you require a pickup time when submitting a manifest, update your Preferences in EIZ as follows:


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