How to setup MyPost Business on EIZ Shipper

Connecting MyPost Business on EIZ SHIPPER #

If you currently do not have a MyPost Business account, create one by visiting the Australia Post website here: If you do have a current MyPost Business account, follow the instructions below to integrate EIZ with MyPost Business. 

Once you have successfully registered with Eiz Shipper, within the main screen select ‘Add more Couriers’.
Select ‘Add MyPost Business’
To link your current MyPost Business account, enter your credentials: Merchant Token. If you get stuck, check out the link below and follow the steps.
To find your Merchant Token, login to your current MyPost Business account at: You will require your MyPost Business Email Address and MyPost Business Password. Once logged in, click the drop-down in the top-right corner of your account name and select Business details.
Under Platforms Partners ‘EIZ’ click ‘Connect’
Link your credit card for mypost business shipping service payment.
After linking your credit card, under Platforms Partners ‘EIZ’ select ‘COPY TOKEN’
Right-click on your mouse and paste in your Merchant Token and press the button ‘validate and save’ to finish.

Now your Mypost Business – EIZ Shipper integration is finished.

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