How to use Filters function on EIZ Fulfillment

As discussed at the end of the previous article Basics How-to: Orders, Filters provide an effortless way to group and view orders by a single category, or several categories. For example, filter by sales channel, marketplace, shipping address, customer, order stage (whether the order has been paid, or awaiting payment), and much more. Filters becomes especially important for high-volume users that receive a large number of daily orders through multiple channels, and want to reduce time, improve efficiency and productivity.

After logging into your EIZ Fulfillment account, you will be redirected to your dashboard:


Selecting the Orders tab from the left-panel menu will automatically open Open Orders.


To get started working with filters, click the Filters button from the top of the Orders (Open Orders) page as shown.


After selecting Filters, you will see the Open List Filter popup on the right-side of the screen. This menu provides a range of options to filter your Orders, including by: Payment Status, Shipment Status, Tracking Status, Keyword (e.g. SRN), Channel, a Date range, as well as Tags. You may apply the current filter changes to all orders showing, or create and save a new filter which will be shown as a new tab  in the Orders (Open Orders) menu (next to the heading of the page). 


To begin, let us customize and apply a new filter to all of our Open Orders to see how this works. Suppose that we would like to only show orders that have been paid. For this, select the Paid option from the Payment Status dropdown menu in the Open List Filter popup, and click Apply.


Your Open Orders will now automatically update and show only orders that have been Paid.


Next, we could reduce this list a little more by clicking Filters again, and in the right-side Open List Filter popup, selecting to filter by Channel (in our example, we chose our Shopify store), as well as a Date range. Don’t forget to hit Apply.


With the new filter categories applied to Payment Status, Channel and Data, we see a much smaller list populate in Open Orders. In this way, you can easily track, manage and organize all of your orders. Next, we will look at how to create and save new filters, so these can be easily reused later.


First, to remove the previous filter that has been applied to all Open Orders, click the Filters button again, opening the Open Filter List on the right-side of the screen, and select Clear Filterand Apply from the bottom of this popup window. You should now see all of your Open Orders return, as any filters applied have been removed.


In the Open Filter List popup, create a new filter and save it by following these simple steps. First, select the categories you would like your new filter to apply to. In our example, we have decided to show orders that have been paid, shipments that have not yet been created, and orders that have come through in the last two weeks, from all sales channels. Next, click Save as New to create and save these options as a new filter.


In order to create a new filter, a name for the filter is required. In our example we have chosen to call it “Recent & Paid.” You may also select a filter color to easily identify your new filter once it is created. Next, click Save as New again. 


You should see your new filter created at the top of the page (color coded), next to Open Orders. It is not uncommon for EIZ customers to create many filters to track, organize and manage their orders.


You may edit or remove your filters at any time by opening the Open List Filter popup, clicking SavedFilters, and clicking Edit or Remove. Don’t forget to click Save Changes to confirm these changes.


Finally, without filters, you can view All Orders, On Hold orders, Back Orders, Completed and Cancelled orders, all from the left-panel menu. All Orders, which is a new feature to EIZ, shows a complete list of all your orders, whether they have been Completed, or are still Open Orders.


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