General Store Integration & Order Sync
How to integrate online store with Eiz and start sync orders

1.Link your online stores.

Before link your stores, click store Icon at top-left corner, click target marketplace in drop-down sub menu. Let’s take eBay as example.

Click Connect to New Store, follow the pages notification to set up your ebay store.

If you want to link more stores in same marketplace or want to check the condition of the store connection, please go to Plugin APPS page, find the marketplace your store belongs to, then click settings, the condition of the store connection will show detail on the page.

The other marketplace integration may need API information, please connect your marketplace provide ask the information required for integration.



2.Order Sync.

After link your store, we need let EIZ auto sync orders from integrated store.

As above picture show, clock target marketplace logo, go to market place setting.

You will see the list of stores already integrated with EIZ under the market place, Switch on the button under Action, the order will start auto-sync in EIZ.