Inventory Pro

Equipped to Tackle the Complexities of Your Inventory Requirements.

Optimise Your Picking with Multi Pick Run Methodologies

Tailor your picking strategy to your warehouse's unique demands. Our versatile pick run methodologies empower you to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Streamline Workflows with Multi-User Task Allocation

Boost your team's productivity and collaboration. Allocate tasks effortlessly among your staff, ensuring a smooth, coordinated workflow that maximises efficiency.

Manage Inventory with Multi-bin locations

Gain precise control over your stock. Our sophisticated bin management system simplifies inventory organisation and tracking, making stock management seamless and reliable.

Enhance Efficiency with Inter-Site Collaboration

Unify your inventory operations across multiple locations. Our system ensures seamless collaboration and synchronisation between sites, streamlining your processes and enhancing overall productivity.

Accurate Stock Levels with Synchronised Stocktake

Transform your stocktaking with real-time, synchronized counts. Maintain accurate, up-to-date inventory levels, reducing discrepancies and ensuring your stock data is always reliable.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Customers of all sizes — from startups to enterprise — use Lofko to propel their businesses forward.

  • "The rolling stock take feature of the EIZ WMS streamlines the process and eliminates the need for disruptive, large-scale stock takes."

    Lucy Xue

    Financial Controller, CIMC

  • "EIZ's warehouse management system has been a game-changer, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, especially during our rapid growth phases."

    Selwyn Lazar

    Co-Founder, Petlab

  • "Tracking numbers feeding directly back to our website has eliminated a lot of customer enquiries, making it a better shopping journey..."

    Olivia Theofanis

    Operations Manager, Inglewood Roasters