About Us

We Are the Architects of Agile Supply Chains

From composable ERP solutions to game-changing supply chain optimisation, EIZ serves as the global catalyst for unparalleled eCommerce excellence.


Our mission is to redefine supply chain excellence for e-commerce, retail, and D2C brands globally, creating game-changing efficiency and setting new standards for operational innovation.


Result That Matter


Households reached annually across our global network


Countries we have shipped to in the past 12 months


Shipments processed through our software annually


What We Stand For.

At EIZ, our core values are more than guidelines - they’re the heartbeat of our mission, fuelling our relentless pursuit of excellence and our unwavering commitment to you.

You’re Our Mission

We’re deeply attuned to your needs and aspirations, delivering game-changing solutions with passion and unwavering commitment.

Amplify Talent

We invest in exceptional talent, nurturing their expertise to ensure that when you partner with us, you’re working with the best in the business.

Honesty Always

We champion transparency by infusing every interaction with steadfast honesty and integrity, making it the cornerstone of our business and relationships.

Innovate Everyday

We’re driven by an unshakeable desire to redefine what’s possible, continuously challenging industry norms to set new standards of excellence.

Relentless Refinement

Our commitment to growth is unwavering, as we continuously refine our strategies and methodologies to be the vanguard in our field.

Sustained Impact

Our actions are guided by the aspiration to make a meaningful, enduring impact both in our work and the relationship we cultivate.


The Path Conquered

Discover our transformative journey from humble beginnings to industry leaders. Celebrate the milestones that mark our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.


The Beginning

Meet Peter and Jason, our visionary founders who disrupted the industry with a next-gen ERP ecosystem. Their groundbreaking vision was to create modular, Lego-like solutions offering unparalleled customisation and seamless integration.


EIZ Established

Born in Melbourne, EIZ rises, fuelled by visionary investments in R&D. Our unwavering commitment to innovation is ignited by the trust of our first 10 trial customers, validating our groundbreaking solutions.


First Release

In January, our journey began as we launched our debut system. With relentless dedication, our small team of 8 delivered exceptional value, gaining the trust of our first 500 customers and setting the stage for relentless innovation.


Lockdown Growth

In an unexpected twist, lockdowns fuel our extraordinary growth as businesses seek online sales opportunities. Our digital solutions become essential in a world transformed by challenges.


Lockdown Triumph

We formed marketplace partnerships and joined forces with trusted transport providers, empowering customers with omnichannel strategies and ensuring seamless, efficient deliveries to unlock growth opportunities.


Global Expansion

EIZ’s global presence solidifies with offices in four countries, fostering a team of over 40 dedicated professionals. Our growth extends the reach and impact of the EIZ system, gaining traction in five countries and affirming its global value.


New Solutions Release

We proudly introduce our highly anticipated 3rd generation suite of systems, LOFKO and ShipMarvel, marking our relentless commitment to evolving and meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs.



In all my years of business, I have never encountered an IT company as dedicated to customer satisfaction as EIZ. Their commitment and focus have undoubtedly made them the most customer-centric tech partner we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Snowgum – Ross Elliot

Managing Director


“The effectiveness of the EIZ WMS in enhancing our warehouse operations cannot be overstated. Its robust capabilities have significantly reduced the manual work previously involved, allowing for more efficient process and a leaner operation.”

CIMC – Lucy Xue

Financial Controller

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