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EIZ makes eCommerce easy. We build software to integrate all of your channels, manage all of your inventory, and ship all of your orders, all from the one dashboard.

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EIZ eCommerce Fulfillment Technologies

Provide a suite of SaaS, API and cloud-based solutions. Build your own dedicated eCommerce ecosystem by using our Lego-like architecture. Choose a package or select, swap out and mix-and-match only the individual features you require, including order management, freight management, warehouse management, eCommerce pick-and-pack and label printing. Create a stand-alone fulfillment solution for your eCommerce business or complement your existing ERP with EIZ today.

Multitasking made easy

Whether you're a start-up or an experienced seller, every online business needs exposure to as many customers as possible. EIZ makes it easy to automate orders from all your sales channels and marketplaces, manage stock, track inventory, and ship using the most popular carriers. Get deliveries to your customers fast, leaving you with more time to grow your business.


See how fulfillment can transform your business

A complete solution

Already happy with what your OMS or WMS does for your business, but still strugging with picking, packing, or shipping? Well, we have the solution for you. With EIZ, select only the features you need, and we'll customise around your existing setup. Keep what works, change what doesn't, and add only what you need.

The EIZ difference

Traditional eCommerce software providers are good at handling the basics. But at EIZ, we go the extra mile. Require dedicated fulfillment solutions with enterprise level features for: consignment labels, scan packing/dispatch, batch picking, inventory management, and shipping? Then you've come to the right place.

Modular customisation

At EIZ, we're charting our own course. We're building modular solutions that just work. Add, remove, swap, customise and use only the features and functions you need. No matter your restrictions or requirements, reach out to us at EIZ and see how improving fulfillment can supercharge your business today.

We're good at streamlining multichannel workflows

All the functionality, tools and solutions you need to get orders from your inbox to your customer's door fast.
Channel Management

Plug-and-play integration

The most popular sales channels, marketplaces, and shipping carriers come already pre-integrated, out-of-the-box. Simply enter your credentials and EIZ will do the rest, pulling all of your existing accounts into one dashboard.

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Features: 12+ sales channels, 15+ shipping carriers, cost-effective comparisons provided by our smart shipping robot, print shipping labels, update tracking with one-click, and more.

Stay on top while you scale

Our fulfillment platform gives you the power to stay organized, even after you've outgrown your bedroom and garage. A must-have for rapidly growing businesses, our warehouse management system provides the latest features to keep track of all your stock.

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Features: Record product names, add SKUs, set custom labels, input weight and dimensions, attach barcodes, etc. Comes with search functionality by product name, SKU or custom label.

Never promise more than you can deliver

Our channel management function tracks the number of orders customers place through all of your sales channels and marketplaces. This handy feature means that the sum total of orders won't exceed what you have in stock, ensuring you never disappoint your customers.

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Features: Automatically track orders in real-time across 12+ sales channels and marketplaces, ensuring you never run out of stock and know exactly when it is time to replenish.

Centralise all of your products

Don't need to manage an entire warehouse but still want to keep track of all your inventory? No problem. Our inventory management system is perfect for users who want to maintain a complete record of all of their products, from everything customers can order to stock you store.

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Features: Record product names, add SKUs, set custom labels, input weight and dimensions, attach barcodes, and more. Comes with search functionality by product name, SKU or custom label.

The perfect team: software and hardware

Our warehouse management system features pick-and-pack which conveniently pairs with our handheld android smartphone scanners, helping to ensure the correct product and quantity are picked everytime. Reduce time with batch pick by picking all orders for a given SKU at once.

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Features: Create pick runs, log time and date, add custom labels, record quanities, and provide custom notes to pickers. Once actioned, handheld scanners will pair with our WMS, ready for products to be picked.

A parachute when you need it

Your customers expect their orders to arrive ontime and undamaged. EIZ provides generous coverage against loss and damage across all of the 15+ shipping carriers we integrate with. Peace-of-mind is only one click away and has never been as affordable.

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Features: Simple and easy to access transport insurance for your orders with any of our integrated carriers. Cover up to $5000 in product value, protecting your customers against loss and damage.

Maximize your eCommerce exposure with EIZ

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The biggest shipping carriers at your fingertips

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CEO of Crazysales

Fulfillment can take up a lot of unnecessary time and energy. EIZ’s e-commerce fulfillment solution helps free up online sellers’ time to concentrate on making their online business a success.


General Manager of Cooper & Co

Great API integration, works perfectly with majority of marketplaces, and WMS. Friendly Customer Service! And easy to use! Love it!


Director of Axign Medical

Features make our business run much more smooth and efficient. I would highly recommend EIZ to any business that runs a wholesale or e-commerce operation. It is the total package.

Leo Z

CEO of Klika

Cost effective freight delivery in Australia is a complex notion. EIZ makes it easy, starting from the integration process to actual last-mile delivery. We value our relationship with EIZ and its dynamic team, and would not hesitate to recommend them to any business requiring a delivery solution partner.


General Manager of Lazy Dayz

EIZ have single handily made it possible for us to sell and distribute our products online via a variety of marketplaces handling each step along the way. They managed to solve all our problems and took care of business in a short timeframe, helping us to meet a critical deadline.



EIZ has been a great partner for us. Managed services, in particular, is always available for us to consult and rapidly implement. They have been extremely responsive and their knowledge of the industry has helped us maintain steady growth.