Data Protection Policy

Data retention policies concern what data should be stored or archived, where that should happen, and for exactly how long. Once the retention time period for a particular data set expires, it can be deleted or moved as historical data to secondary or tertiary storage, depending on the requirements. This way, primary storage stays cleaner and the organization remains compliant.

Eiz will hold your information active for as long you maintain services. Eiz adopts appropriate data collection, storage, and processing practices with strict security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information and order information. Eiz makes current data available to clients for reporting purposes. Any financial data will be held for 5 years as per government requirements and then will be archived.

If an account is deleted, Eiz will still hold some information including past order history for its own analysis and use.

Should there be a breach of data protection of any kind, Eiz will report this to the Australian Cyber Security department and then alert you of this fact.