The Ultimate Operational Solution for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Lofko is the control center that streamlines your ecommerce business.


Join 4,000+ companies Unified With Lofko

  • Simplify the Chaos

    Handle orders, inventory, and beyond from a single hub.
  • Grow Intelligently

    Precision tools for thriving eCommerce and D2C ventures.
  • Boost Profitability

    Enhance efficiency, save precious time, and cut costs.
  • Bring It All Together

    End the hassle of juggling numerous platforms.

Centralise with a Click.

Instantly integrate and consolidate orders, driving productivity up and operational costs down.

Ship Smart. Ship Fast.

Optimise every aspect of your shipping—bulk actions, powerful automations, and instant validations. Ensure flawless deliveries, every time.

Stay Ahead with Every Track.

Harness automated insights, from live package statuses to undelivered shipment alerts. Plus, offer a branded touchpoint every step of the journey.

Elevate Your Purchase Power.

From multiple suppliers to tailored retail needs, streamline every procurement step. Optimize cost, automate orders, and ensure every transaction aligns with your strategy.

Autopilot Your Operations

Wave goodbye to manual hassles. Our automations ensure a frictionless journey from order sync to dispatch, always keeping you and your customers in the loop.

One Platform, Limitless Connections.

Integrate effortlessly with leading sales channels, marketplaces, and shipping carriers. Forge the links that drive your business forward.

Select the Inventory Management That Fits Your Business

Inventory Essential

Simple Stock. Zero Fuss.

Dive into inventory optimisation crafted for precision and efficiency.

What’s Included

  • Display Real-Time Stock Levels
  • Generate Simple Pick Slips
  • Pick Wave Control
  • Inbound Stock Control
  • Automated Low Stock Alerts
  • Sync Inventory to Shopify, eBay, Amazon (Paid Upgrade)

Inventory Pro

Complex Stock. Seamless Scalability.

Elevate your operations with a suite designed for the intricate dynamics of warehouse management.

Inventory Essentials +

  • Bin Location Management
  • Multi Pick Run Methodologies
  • Multi-User Task Allocation
  • Inter-Site Collaboration & Syncronisation
  • Stocktake
  • PDA & APP Compatible

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Customers of all sizes — from startups to enterprise — use Lofko to propel their businesses forward.

  • "In my years of business, I have never encountered an IT company as dedicated to customer satisfaction as EIZ."

    Ross Elliot

    Managing Director, Snowgum

  • "EIZ's warehouse management system has been a game-changer, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, especially during our rapid growth phases."

    Selwyn Lazar

    Co-Founder, Petlab

  • "The EIZ Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been transformative for our operations, bringing unprecedented transparency and efficiency."

    Lucy Xue

    Financial Controller, CIMC