Self Delivery Management

Streamline your in-house delivery operations with our self-delivery management module, a Comprehensive Solution designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimise Your Routes for Time and Fuel Savings

Generate manifests for single and bulk pickups with ease, utilising standard barcode and QR code scanning for streamlined delivery management.

Keep Customers Updated with Email and SMS Notifications

Boost customer satisfaction by providing timely and free email updates, with the option of additional-cost SMS notifications, keeping them well-informed and secure about their delivery status.

Enhance Your Brand Presence in the Delivery Process

Strengthen your brand identity by featuring your company's branding on tracking updates and shipping labels, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that reinforces brand recognition.

Whether you are managing multiple suppliers, handling complex retail orders, or ensuring cost control, this module provides the functionalities you need for efficient, accurate, and seamless purchasing management.

Seamless Integration with Your Sales Channels

Achieve flawless tracking by automatically syncing system-generated numbers back to your sales channels, maintaining impeccable accuracy and reliability throughout the delivery process.

Streamline Your Delivery Operations with Licensed PDAs

Equip your drivers with licensed PDA handheld devices, enabling them to manage deliveries effectively on the go, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of your delivery service.