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EIZ Enterprise – Our Most Powerful and Customisable Platform to Date

22 Dec 2023


by diadmin

This August’s article is dedicated entirely to our latest product release, EIZ Enterprise.

In the last few months, the team at EIZ have been busy completely redesigning and rebuilding the Enterprise platform. Previously, this product was only available in one-size-fits-all, designed to handle complete end-to-end fulfillment for high volume eCommerce businesses.

Today, EIZ Enterprise is our most powerful and customisable platform to date, something which we believe will reshape the way eCommerce is done in the future. Imagine the next generation of eCommerce management systems. A product designed from the ground up. Exactly the way you want it. Think bespoke.

In this article, we cover what’s new, how Enterprise differs from the previous version, how it establishes a new standard for the market, what it can do for your business, and how EIZ is reimagining the future of enterprise eCommerce fulfilment.

The Spark

In working closely with a number of largescale eCommerce businesses over the last several years, our team has found that many have a very specific set of requirements and objectives. These of course vary from business to business, but largely speak to the unique nature or niche each are trying to fulfil. An example could include an automotive services provider who required specialised freight software to handle dynamic orders that were causing problems due to cost, location, weight, and carrier. Another would be a large homewares business moving away from their mainstay of B2C, and now requiring B2B functionality.

Too often, we found that businesses were bogged down with systems that only provided a cookie-cutter approach, or a host of features they didn’t need, with very little flexibility to focus on or really tailor the custom platform that they needed. This was a theme all too common with those that have partnered with us, used EIZ to develop white label solutions, or onboarded as enterprise users.

Key Features

That’s where we made the change. Today, EIZ Enterprise is a completely customisable platform, built from the ground up. Each client that begins their enterprise journey with us goes through a one-of-a-kind experience in which we design a product uniquely for their business. No two systems are the same. This is our vision for the next generation of eCommerce management systems.

Each enterprise eCommerce management system has the specs to easily fulfil 10K+ orders monthly, with a selection of 40+ sales channels/marketplaces, and 40+ carriers/shipping providers, all by API integration. The decision on how simple or how complex you want your system to be will affect both the time and cost of build, and are completely up to you. From there, you will brief EIZ on the specific requirements/objectives that your platform must be able to perform. This is your business’ superpower or secret sauce.


Composability plays a central role in Enterprise. But what is it? And why is it so important?

Composability is the new kid on the block in eCommerce. It can be defined as a system design principle that prioritises components and their interrelationships. Consider Lego blocks or puzzle pieces, each of which are designed to execute a specific task or purpose; the combination of which come together to shape the overall platform and experience.

Every new EIZ Enterprise includes a careful consideration of the core modules your business requires. There are over a dozen to choose from and we’re just getting started: inventory, order fulfilment, channels, freight, business analytics, customer service, returns, 3PL extension, multi-warehouse location, just to name a few. Remember, there is no point getting stuck with a whole bunch of features that your business doesn’t need or won’t use. This is where you get the freedom to balance capability with cost.

Community Backing

Names like Soniq,, Klika, Robert Gordon, and Cooper & Co., are just some of the enterprise level customers that trust EIZ to fulfil their orders, every day. We annually process in excess of $100M AUD of shipments through our platform, with over 4,000 business customers calling EIZ home. So many businesses can’t be wrong.

Our pricing structure even makes considering Enterprise affordable, with a one-off cost to get the process started, and subscription for ongoing services billed month-to-month, so you don’t need to be locked in to any ongoing contract. To find out more about EIZ Enterprise, or to get the ball rolling on building your dream enterprise eCommerce management system, visit us as:, or email